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The 3D PluraView monitor family – Meeting
the highest requirements for Geospatial applications

The reference for passive 3D stereo displays

Anyone who depends on optimal 3D-stereo visualization, dealing with professional geospatial software, needs an absolutely flicker-free and daylight-compatible stereo monitor on the desktop. The 3D PluraView monitor series is the professional solution from Schneider Digital that enables fatigue-free, stereoscopic work throughout the day.

Together with the professional AMD Radeon™ Pro graphics cards, the PluraView is compatible as a plug & play system - without special graphics drivers - with stereo software applications from leading manufacturers - e.g. esri, Trimble-INPHO, Hexagon, Agisoft, DAT/EM, Terrasolid etc.

The passively polarized PluraView monitors are the 3D-stereo monitor system with the highest user acceptance and user satisfaction of all 3D displays currently available on the market!

Discover the 3D PluraView
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3D PluraView higlights

Four different models - two different assembly sizes -
Resolutions from Full HD to 2.5K and up to 4K @ 60 Hz with 10-bit color depth

Perfect 3D stereo display for innovative
Geo-IT applications

3D PluraView - the future-proof high-end display for GIS,
Photogrammetry and 3D City Modeling

The 3D PluraView monitors are the successors to the PLANAR 'beam-splitter' monitor series manufactured by PLANAR until 2015. This stereo technology is based on two monitors, a semi-transparent mirror and the combination with extremely light, passively polarized stereo glasses. Since the introduction of the PLANAR monitors over 15 years ago, this principle has proven itself to be the qualitatively best 3D-stereo display for desktop workplaces.

With a 28-inch screen diagonal, 4K (UHD) resolution and up to 10-bit color depth (with AMD Radeon™ Pro graphics cards), the 28 “PluraView from Schneider-Digital is the current 3D-stereo reference for all geospatial IT applications.

As a technologically superior alternative to active LCD shutter glasses, which are no longer available from the previous main supplier NVIDIA, the 3D PluraView monitor will continue to function 'Plug & Play' with every 'NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro'-compatible software application. This is also the case for the current Windows 10 version (Build 2004), which no longer supports NVIDIA 3D Vision LCD shutter glasses for desktop monitors.

Designed for geospatial professionals

The perfect 3D-stereo experience for daily use

The new Schneider Digital 3D PluraView monitor with its innovative beam-splitter technology offers the highest quality available for desktop stereoscopic displays.

The 3D PluraView is therefore ideally suited for all major stereo-capable applications in the geospatial industy, for GIS, Photogrammetry, LiDAR and especially for 3D City Modeling and the creation of realistic, digital 3D 'twins':




Summit Evolution


Match-AT / DTMaster /UASMaster

IMAGINE Photogrammetry



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Complete Geo-IT solutions

Expand your 3D PluraView with powerful workstation hardware!

Schneider Digital is your partner for complete workplace solutions in the field of geospatial applications. Our product portfolio includes all components, from high-performance workstations specifically tailored to your requirements, 3D input devices (Stealth, Softmouse, 3DConnexion), side monitors up to 8K resolution, as well as professional graphics cards from AMD Radeon™ Pro.

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